Wednesday, October 03, 2007

FeedM8 - Mobilize & Monotize Your Feeds

FeedM8 is a great service which mobilize your existing Blog and converts it into its mobile version. I was using this service from last one week as a part of private testing and I personally feel that this is a great service. This service is a new service provided by Wattpad . This service is open for for all.

Mobilize Your Feed
FeedM8 is a new service for bloggers to reach a new audience and add a new source of revenue. It turns your blog into a mobile site with mobile appropriate advertising. FeedM8 will find advertisers for us all we have to do is just sign up.The best thing about this service is that it is totally free.

Don't you want to extend your blog's reach to the mobile internet and earn more revenue? If your blog is not mobile ready, you're missing out on a huge opportunity. Using FeedM8, you can turn your blog or feed into a mobile site with just one click. Your current readers can catch up from their mobile phones and you'll find new readers you never had before.

How Does It works?

During sign up when we enter our blog/feed url FeedM8 convert it into a wap site. FeedM8 provide us a unique wap site url which we can change according to our preference like wap site url for my blog is . This wap url can be opened in any mobile browser. To Promote your mobile site FeedM8 provide links and widgets. Add these widgets to your blog or website and your readers will be able to send it directly to their mobile phone.

Here you can see the types of link ang image widgets to promote your blog

What kinds of feeds are supported?
The supported feed formats are RSS 0.90, 1.0, 2.0 and Atom 0.3, 1.0.

Monetizing your feeds
FeedM8 will show ads on the wap site of your blog. FeedM8 will find advertisers for your mobile site. All the ads that appear are designed for mobile devices. Some examples of advertisers include phone ringtones and wallpapers, mobile games, chat and communities. They do not advertise for gambling or adult content.

How much is your Revenue share?
According to their policy of FeedM8 the ad revenue split is 60/40, in favour of the content publisher. At the end of each month, your account will be credited with the ad revenue share you received for the month through your feeds. If your account balance at the end of the month exceeds $50, you will be paid after 30 days. Payment is made via check or PayPal.

The amount of advertising revenue is dependent on the amount of traffic you have on your mobile site. You can promote your mobile site by adding one of the web widgets shown above to your page.

FeedM8 will introduce your blog or feed to a new audience.

Reach more readers and earn more money through blogging

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