Monday, January 19, 2015 - New PTC site just launched - ready for you to earn money with

A brand new PTC-site with Faucet is now up and running. I can really recommend this one - it has adds in it to click already, and not so many have yet heard about it - so sign up, click and start to recruit people!

Its name is, and the link to is is HERE

You will do all your earnings in USD, and then when you withdraw, you get payout converted into Bitcoins. This is just perfect now when the value of each bitcoin is really low. That means when the currency of Bitcoins start to rise again, you get MORE from your clicks and earnings with

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Friday, May 09, 2014

How to easiest earn a lot with Bitcoin programs. PTC and HYIP that works!

As you know by now I have been doing some different stuff on the Crypto currency area lately. Now it's time for me to get back to all of you sharing what I have found out working very well, and that are being run by people that I now found trustworthy. I will divide up the different actions into sections here in the blogpost to make it easier for you to understand what I have been doing, and what it gives you.

First of all - one thing very easy to start with to earn some first Bitcoins is the different "Pay to click"  or "Get paid to..." -programs. There are a lot of these out there, so I will just mention those I have used successfully myself, and that I do know are quick on the payouts.

The first one I went in on was BTCClicks. This is probably one of the first ones, and has many ads for you to click. It has a referral/affiliate option too, so you can earn from others that signs up after you, which is very good of course. Banner

Then there are one Paytoclick program where you earn in USD, and then you can match the rate of BTC when its low, and get the payout converted, which means you actually can earn even more on this. They also offer referral/affiliate earning options, and a lot of other Pay to sign up and other fun Matomy etc, that I have not tried but I see in the forum are working very well for others.

This one is really interesting. It is created by the same guys behind Bittoclick, but CoinToclick will offer more crypto coins than Bitcoins, and also that it is right now in Prelaunch - so make sure you get in now before it really launches. Everything is not yet in place when it comes to graphics etc, but here is a signup-link you can use.

I use these three PTC-programs in combination. Buying ads in one, directing new users to my accounts in the other two, etc. That gives me more people in my downline, and more earnings into the programs. And also a good way of splitting the risks between the programs.

HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs)
This is high risk programs - just so everyone understands that. There are plenty of these online today, and many or most of them are scams. Therefor I have really searched through this area, and can now come back with two programs that I have tried out for some time, and that I myself have received payout from. I am not saying it is a guarantee for all future - but it did work for me, and I will continue invest in these ones - but sees it as a very good option or alternative to Lotto-tickets.

Oilrig Contractors
This one gives you different options to invest with different payouts based on how long you lend out your money. All from 125% on a day up to 1300% for 30 days. On top of that you also get 3% on all referrals investments. I went in with a selection of investments in 1 day, 10 days and 30 days. Both 1 and 10 days have already paid out, and I re-invested some of it and withdrew some, to get my investments back home safe again. Can really recommend this one to you!

This program requires a bit higher investment than the Oilrig contractors (which is 5USD per program). Here you have two different options, either 1 day or 2 days. 1 day give you 500% and 2 days gives you a massive 5000%. On the 1 day option you need to invest at least 50 USD and on the 2 day you need to invest 500USD. I did just get my 500% on my investment today, and will now re-invest parts of it into both 1 and 2 day option...  There is a referral/affiliate option here to, giving you an extra 3-10% on investments from your downline, so this is really interesting one, both in the long run, and if you are after some QUICK money! - Fund Money For You!

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Why Bittoclick is THE #1 of all PTC sites

Bittoclick is the best site to earn bitcoins as far as I see it. Not only because it offers amazing advertising deals, pay per click offers which pay way more than other similar sites or a great referral program but one simple fact…

Bittoclick offers a very the best method of payment for the balance you have earned from their offers, U.S DOLLAR. That means when my balance was $4.00 give or take last week from referrals clicking for me and a some rented when I withdrew that balance in the form of bitcoin which was at approximately 1BTC = $384.00 I recieved .0125 in BTC for 4.00$

 Now think about that. Collect your balance for a while, let it stock up and imagine if i had around $20-40 in there and withdrew when the btc exchange rate was so low I woulda cleaned house. 


 Rent 10 Referrals for 30 Days at 2 DOLLARS! Trust me these referrals work hard.

 More updates coming soon guys!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Which PTC programs are reliable and working?

Just wanted to let you get an inside look of which programs within the Bitcoin or crypto currency area that I have found working very well, and why they work well and how I rate them. Hope this helps you and guides you into new earnings!
The thing with Bittoclick is that it forces you to click on at least 4 ads per day, to earn from your referrals clicks the day before. This is really good feature for everyone involved in it, and it keeps your referrals to keep clicking, earning you more of course. I really like that. And its easy to transfer payouts into buying new referrals etc - and of course, quick payouts in either paypal or Bitcoins. XXXXX from me.
Btcclicks is one of the largest ones, and has always a lot of links to click, it also pays out rather quickly, and I have been buying ads here for some time, with good response into my other programs. I would give this one a XXXX stars.
This one is still in BETA, but looks really promising. They pay you not only Bitcoins, but Litecoins, and some other crypto coins on a daily basis. And the more affiliates you have, down 7 levels deep, the more you earn per day. My guesses is that this one will be huge! Especially when they turn on and add more services to it - and having a builtup downline by then will be just perfect. Giving this one XXXX stars now.
This one has been a slowstarter for me - but now it looks rather good I must say. Must remind myself to start clicking and doing the different tasks. Giving this a XXX stars at the moment.
This one is really simple - just sign up, and promote your  link, and get some BTC sent to you wallet. My guess is that there will be more functionality coming in later on, but now, this is all there is. Giving it a XXX star.
Now we get into some a little bit more complicated programs. First I did not trust or believe in this one at all, but after a while I started to find my way around it, and mostly converts my payouts into traffic to any of my other programs instead. Try it out if you want - I am up for helping you if you get in. Giving this one XXXX for that they have a lot of functionality but only XX for ease of use, XXX will be the total.
BitBillions is really interesting, with 7 levels depth of referrals where you get revenue from. Finds this one very easy to get referrals to too - do actually not know exactly why, but there seem to be a combination of trustworthiness and look and feel that are appealing. Giving this XXXX stars.

An alternative to PTC
MatrixGold is interesting since it goes 5 levels deep, so that means you earn a lot of money (btc) from people getting into it. Its free to join, and start to build your downline - and then just do a small 5USD investment to get the money rolling your way. Works very well I must say. Will give this one at least XXXX stars too.

To see the rest of the programs that I am involved in now, that are either in Bitcoins, or in generating traffic to my Bitcoin sites - you are more than welcome to my collection over here:

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Friday, January 10, 2014

4 new easy and working Get Paid in BitCoins to Click sites to sign up for

Long time since I came with any tips and hints now, mainly because I have really been looking into finding the best ways for you to get some extra Bitcoins in an easy way. Good thing is that I can now come back to you with not only one, but 4 (FOUR) "PAY TO CLICK"-systems that I know myself that works very good, and that I can recommend to you.

So what you do now, is to sign up for the four following PTC-systems using the provided links here below, and then you on a daily, or bi-daily basis start to click the links provided to you in the system. Its just as easy as that!!! It will not take more than 10 minutes per day, to cover them all, and they fill upp with new links all the time, so every time I have a few minutes over, I check in and see if theres a link for me to click. I suggest you do the same.

I can also recommend that you keep an eye on this Facebook-page: for updates, and for other ways to earn some more Bitcoins can also be found on this site:

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