Monday, January 19, 2015 - New PTC site just launched - ready for you to earn money with

A brand new PTC-site with Faucet is now up and running. I can really recommend this one - it has adds in it to click already, and not so many have yet heard about it - so sign up, click and start to recruit people!

Its name is, and the link to is is HERE

You will do all your earnings in USD, and then when you withdraw, you get payout converted into Bitcoins. This is just perfect now when the value of each bitcoin is really low. That means when the currency of Bitcoins start to rise again, you get MORE from your clicks and earnings with

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Blogger said...

* COLLECT AT LEAST 10 THOUSAND Satoshis in just 4 MINs.
* MAXIMUM Satoshis from Claim ratio.
* HIGH PAYING FAUCETS, start with 5,000 satoshi per claim.
€€€€€€€ $$$$$$$

Blogger said...

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