Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Over 110% revenue increase from Adsense Custom Search Ads

I've now tested AdSense Custom Search Ads thoroughly and are very pleased with the results.

The biggest effect we have seen is with Jobblediga.se has now gone up 111% in RPM (revenue per thousand sidvidningar) compared to before I began to optimize and use AdSense Custom Search Ads. Now I'd probably be able to increase some by simply replacing the standard ad formats, but not this much. On Gnosan.se we se that it have risen 97%.

I tested myself to what I think is the optimal number of ads, which of course depends on the site and how many / how you want your ads. I had an ad box on the search result, one during and one sidebar. The under and over each 728px wide and side bar was 160 wide. I then tested with 1-5 ads in each ad box and compared with the corresponding results for Adsense for Content 728 * 90 160 * 600 banner advertising. The result was that if we had only 1-2 ads per square became the RPM lower compared with Adsense for content, but for three, four and five ads were higher. A maximum was five ads. Since RPM: one determined by the CTR and CPC, and more ads will be more CTR, but may lower the CPC, so I tried to vary with different number of ads in ad boxes. Since the ad box above result is the one that generates the most money, so I let it be five ads, while I ranged it under and side bar from 0 to 5 ads. I then got the result to 3-5 ads showed most but it was not much difference between them (5 ads gave a little better CTR but low CPC, so it evens out). I thought the three were the best in the second ad boxes for it not to be too much ads.

So my conclusion is that the optimum is an ad box at the top with five ads and then three ads in the sidebar and that. However, one must remember that unlike the Adsense for content, so it will appear only go if there are relevant ads, that is, it does not fill with anything. That is, there is only 2pc relevant ads so they are shown in the top ad box, while the others are empty. This may also have the effect that there are no ads at all on your side, for there is no relevant ad. But on the whole it appears that almost all ads, so you earn is always to use AdSense Custom Search Ads just optimizing your ad (show enough ads).

Other things I learned is that when measuring Adsense channels for AdSense Custom Search Ads, so they must be created during the search network> Custom channels, as this is a search engine and not ordinary Adsense for content. And that if we want to measure more channels in the same ad box (such as a Top Ad and a total for the top ad) so does it with a + sign between the channels:
'Channel': '123456789 +987654321'

Although AdSense Custom Search Ads are good in many ways, there is one thing that bothers me on and that is a disadvantage. It is that you can not link it earned in Adsense for Search channel with Analytics, so you can see what a specific page has been generated. Which you can easily with Adsense for content. There might be some hidden way to solve this, but I have not found it. Adsense account is already linked to Analytics.

This post concludes my little series of articles on various tips to make more money with Adsense mainly, but there's more when I have new experiences to share with me. Do you have experience on Adsense so please write in the comments or link to this post and share with you too.

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