Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The what about BITCOINS Q&A

Bitcoins to the left and bit coins to the right... What is it all about, and where to get them, how to buy them, how to sell them, how to use them and where to store them?!

 There are a huge difference in the questions we all have when it comes to what Bitcoins really are. I have tried to answer some of them here, and to get you all up to some more enlightened knowledge about what it really is.

I'm not a pro in this, I have very recently found my way around this, and got hold of my first Bitcoins myself, and being curious on how to grow them in different ways.

What is it? 
A lot of the details can of course be found on Wikipedia, so I will not reproduce the content here, so just surf over to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoins , but be sure to come back - because you will get some tools and tips on how to grow your bit coin fortune here from me

Where to store and buy? 
Feel free to try that out. I bought my first Bitcoins at the merchant found at https://safello.com/ And stores them on https://blockchain.info I found that from some other blogger, and that seem to work well for me.

Earn bitcoins for your blog 
As you all know Google Adsense has been the place for many bloggers to earn some money on their blogging - but now there is actually an alternative that will payout in Bitcoins. Take a serious look at Coinurl and their adsense-similar setup: Coinurl.com

 I have to rush away now - but will keep on updating my progress and my findings. Anyone of my readers that has something to share in this area - please post and comment here!

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