Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Quickguide on how to get started with BitCoins

Consider this as some quickguidence on how to get going, and to get some coins coming your way, very easy.

1) Get yourself a BitCoin Wallet. Personally I use one from after have had spent some time looking around for safe solutions: http://www.blockchain.info
2) Either buy some Bitcoins, and transfer to your new Wallet adress. Can be bought at several sites, and also on Ebay - just search for it.
3) Make sure you keep an eye on the actual course, so you don't get fooled. One source to keep track on that is: http://markets.blockchain.info
4) There are several smaller sites that offer you "Pay to click" or "Pay to surf", that now does the payout in Bitcoins. 
5) On http://bitcoindownlines.com/splash.php?rampante you also find a lot of these programs that I have found work very well, and actually does payouts.

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