Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Wallets for Crypto currency such as Bitcoin, LiteCoin and Infinitecoins

As said before the first thing you need to get, if you want to get into the business of Crypto currency, or if you want to save some Bitcoins (BTC), LiteCoins (LTC) or Infinitecoins (IFC) or any of the other crypto currencies, is a WALLET for it.
There are several different wallets to choose from and some does not cover all different kind of coins, so if you will have more than one kind of crypto currency, you might need more than one wallet.

For Bitcoins, I use, and recommend Blockchain, than can easily be signed up for at: www.blockchain.info

For LiteCoins you will need to download a wallet, and there I recommend Litecoin-QT, that can be found at: www.litecoin.org

For Infinitecoins I use two different wallets - don't ask me why, I just ended up that way, and both seem to work well. BTER and CRYPTSY

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